Thank You for Attending EMDR Europe Research & Practice Conference 2023 in Bologna!


Thank you to all our speakers and attendees for making our EMDR Europe Conference a success. We hope all our attendees enjoyed learning and networking with our members.

The photo of the events will be available soon on the website

For those who attended onsite, you will receive access to the virtual platform on the 30th of June 2023 to replay the content of the conference and download the handouts. The winners of the gamification will also be announced on this date.

We are looking forwards to welcoming you to Dublin next year!


Bruna Maccarrone
Chair of EMDR Conference Committee


President of EMDR Europe Association



Boris Cyrulnik
Isabel Fernandez
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Jackie June ter Heide
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Luca Ostacoli
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Dear friends,

Bologna, the city where the first University was founded will be hosting the next EMDR Europe Conference. It is a very symbolic place for us to gather together as a scientific and professional community. Founded in 1088, you can still visit the place of the University, in downtown Bologna. In fact, the word University comes from the word “Universitas”, that from that moment through all the Middle Ages defined the group of students who were organized in associations, giving the first structure to undergraduate curriculum. The evolution of this brought us to the modern Universities. In 1732 the University had the first woman among the University chairs, showing already a very inclusive spirit. In 1988, 430 Deans of European Universities signed the Bologna Magna Charta Universitatium Europaeum that gave birth to an integration process of universities in Europe. Now 802 universities from Europe and overseas share the principles of this Charta.  The main principles are that education can give a significant contribution to the future of humanity, the need to respect the balance of life and nature, to link education to research, to promote a continuous dialogue among cultures and to create a forum for discussion, cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

The rich history of Bologna and of its university is of great inspiration to our professional community, so it is the best place to hold our European conference in 2023.

The 2023 EMDR Conference will be a Research and Practice Conference, where researchers, clinicians and colleagues coming from many countries in Europe and in the world can gather together and have a deep personal and professional experience.

I am sure that all participants will feel enriched after the three days of attending the Conference and will share positive moments that will be of great benefit to attendees and ultimately their clients……


Isabel Fernandez

President of EMDR Europe Association

Enjoy the promo video "A day in Bologna"...

...or look back to remember Valencia's 2022 edition!

Venue: Palazzo dei Congressi Bologna