Welcome Reception

Venue: Palazzo dei Congressi
Date: Friday, 23rd June
Time: 19h30 (subject to change)
Included in the Registration Fee
Address: Piazza della Costituzione 4, 40128 Bologna, Italy

Built in 1975 on a project by architects Melchiorre Bega and Lieuwe Op’t Land, the Palazzo dei Congressi is a jewel of contemporary architecture. It has been designed inspired by the concept of union and belonging.


Venue: Palazzo Re Enzo
Date: Saturday, 24th June
Time: 20h30 (subject to change)

Ticket: EUR 80
Address: Piazza del Nettuno, 1/C, 40125 Bologna, Italy

Palazzo Re Enzo, also known as ‘Palazzo Nuovo’ (New Palace) was built between 1244 and 1246 as an extension of the other municipal buildings. The palace takes its name from Enzo of Sardinia, who was prisoner here from 1249 until his death in 1272. It is located in the heart of Medieval Bologna and has always been the hub of the city’s economic and social activities.